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Bottle Openers: FAQ

  • How does the magnetic bottle opener mount? +

    Our Bottle Openers feature three mounting options:

    • 1. You can magnetically mount the opener. Three powerful magnets provide secure contact to most metal surfaces.
    • 2. We include two inch screws with all our openers to mount on walls, posts, or wherever your imagination takes you.
    • 3. Wear it on your belt because that's how you roll :)
  • What are the Bottle Openers dimensions? +

    All of our magnetic bottle openers measure 8"(L) x 3.5"(W) x .75"(H)
  • Is the wood sealed? +

    Yes! Every bottle opener that leaves our shop has two coats of polyurethane applied by hand and we allow the polyurethane to fully cure before we add the bottle opener to our inventory. Polyurethane provides a strong hard finish that highlights the grain of the wood and provide a beautiful glossy shine.
  • How many caps can our openers catch? +

    Our bottle openers can hold up to 50 bottle caps. Anything over 50 is just bragging...and a possible sign of alcoholism :(
  • Will the opener stick to all fridges? +

    Unfortunately not. The magnets will not stick to stainless steel fridge models. If you have a stainless steel fridge be sure to check the side of the fridge to see if it is magnet friendly.
  • How do I keep my bottle opener from slipping on my fridge? +

    All fridges are made differently. Some tend to be slicker than others. You can prevent a sliding bottle opener by applying two or more strips of electrical tape to the back. The added friction should hold the opener in place.
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