Who We Are

Laughing Tree is a family-run woodshop dedicated to making the highest quality wood products. Our goal is to craft items that will not only last but become focal points in your home or office. We carefully hand select all of our woods so the color and grain enhances each piece we create. Woodworking is our passion and we try to convey that in every piece that leaves our shop.


The Band




Rob grew up in the greater Sacramento California area causing all kinds of mischief and raising all kinds of hell. His creative endeavors centered around playing bass for several metal bands and spreading the gospel of chaos. His wild heart was eventually tamed by his beautiful wife and his creative energies shifted from laying the low end of a heavy riff to shaping raw wood to its true form. Like a lot of woodworkers, Rob fell in love with woodworking by accident. It started with getting tools to do simple jobs around the house. Then it progressed into DIY projects that required more tools. Then Rob got a big table saw and it kinda spiraled out of control from there. If he’s not playing with his kids or serenading his wife, Rob can usually be found in his woodshop giggling like a little girl when he applies an oil based finish to a project.





Über Crafter

Marlene was born with a fiercely independent spirit and an even fiercer left hook. These traits served her well growing up on the mean streets of San Jose. She left a trail of broken hearts and bruised ego’s before going to Los Angeles to raise hell in the City of Angels. She ultimately settled in Sacramento where she found a man who could keep pace with her crazy. Their union sparked a renaissance of creativity for Marlene and she channeled that energy into sewing, embroidery, and general crafts of pure awesomeness. Marlene can be found working late into the night, laughing madly, while breathing life into one of her creations.


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